Seriously. It is. I have heard countless times from countless males that there are no “good girls” out there. Is that really the problem though? Is there a shortage of good girls? Or is it possible that maybe YOU are the issue? If you act like a filthy animal then you are going to attract filthy animals. There are plenty of good girls out there. But they can smell your bullshit from a mile away and they are steering the hell clear of it. Ain’t no boss bitch tryna roll around in your pig pen. You get back what you put out.

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My mother was bipolar. She was also an alcoholic. I’m not sure which came first. All I know is that when I was fifteen years old my world was ripped out from underneath me. I’m an only child and up until that point I had a fine life. No problems to speak of. My mother was my best friend. We were attached at the hip and she did anything and everything for me. She was the “cool mom.” Then she went crazy.

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I am not a relationship expert. I am not Cupid. I don’t have a boyfriend (by choice). So before I get a butt-load of feminist hate-mail, let’s just get all that out of the way. I’m just a normal chick. Maybe slightly more observant (and sicker than) your average. This blog is entirely my opinion and is based solely on my observations.

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I have been fascinated by tattoo culture and the tattoo industry since I was a little girl. I remember being fifteen years old and begging my parents to let me get a small tattoo on my ankle. I was an annoying little shit and hounded them relentlessly. After harassing them for months, they finally agreed, under one condition. I had to get straight A’s the following semester. Since I was a D student with absolutely no motivation to speak of, I think they assumed it couldn’t (or more likely, wouldn’t) be done. They figured their little plan would get me off their backs and I would get somewhat better grades, but not good enough to get the tattoo I so desperately wanted. They were dead-ass wrong.
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More Adderall, please.

College in America is a tough subject. A friend of mine posted this article the other day and I found it really interesting. Hamilton Nolan of Gawker apparently believes that America needs FEWER college graduates and that college is actually just a big waste of time and money. That’s a pretty bold statement to make and caused quite a debate in the comments section of said article. It got me thinking about my own life and college experience and whether or not I’ve wasted my time and money (and my dad’s) on a piece of paper that I haven’t particularly used.

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I am not ashamed to admit that I am an advocate of trashy reality TV and even some crappy pop music. I was devastated when Snooki couldn’t find her Crocodilly, delighted when Scott Disick got sober and added a walking stick to his fabulous fall wardrobe, and heartbroken when Bret Michaels chose the wrong girl on Rock of Love. (Everyone knows it should have been me.) I am all too happy to douse myself in glitter and attend a Ke$ha concert and fully adore any and all things Justin Bieber.  Judge me all you want.

However, with the onslaught of ridiculous celebrities who are famous just for being famous, many of us seem to forget that there are actually talented, working artists out there.

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Don’t want to wait until April 12th to get ahold of Wasting Light, the seventh studio release from Foo Fighters?

*You* NOOO!!! My goodness gracious I need it now!!!

Perfect. Dust off your air guitar and stream it here.

Some Foo Just For You!