Dude…Your Game Is Whack

Posted: July 7, 2015 by JD in Love & Sex, News & Gossip, NYC
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Seriously. It is. I have heard countless times from countless males that there are no “good girls” out there. Is that really the problem though? Is there a shortage of good girls? Or is it possible that maybe YOU are the issue? If you act like a filthy animal then you are going to attract filthy animals. There are plenty of good girls out there. But they can smell your bullshit from a mile away and they are steering the hell clear of it. Ain’t no boss bitch tryna roll around in your pig pen. You get back what you put out.

Maybe you’re better than this though. Maybe you aren’t so transparent. Maybe you have “game” or “swag” or whatever you idiots like to call it. And maybe you do land a dope chick. Now what? How long can you keep from her that you are just a rabies-riddled wolf in a cuddly sheep’s clothing? This is where the game comes in. You’ve already got her where you want her. She’s already fallen for you. Wrapped right around your stank-ass fingers. So now you can start to pull away. And whenever your phone isn’t “dead”, you’re all: ” but baby I miss you so much though.” With mad emojis and shit. Smooth it over, make it seem like there’s nothing you’d rather do than be with her. Meanwhile you’re knuckle-deep in a sloppy, drunken 21-year-old with a little bit of a lazy eye. Not that lazy though, right? Nah. Mad lazy. But fuck it, you’ll hit it anyway.

This is where I get confused. And maybe it’s because I’m a chick and we truly never will understand the inner workings of the male mind. But what is it about one night stands or sleeping with random strangers that is so appealing? I get that when you’re young you’re supposed to experiment and play the field. How else are you supposed to know what you like and what you don’t like? But when you find something you DO like…why is it not enough? I can sit here right now and honestly say that I have never cheated on anyone in my life. And I’m pretty damn proud of that because I’m very sure most people in my generation cannot say the same. I have never had the desire to sleep with a random when I have someone I love at home. I do believe in monogamy, but I also believe in open relationships and friends with benefits. All of these relationships can work under the right circumstances and with the right person. The friends with benefits setup, when done right, is really cool and really easy. No drama, no strings. Just a friend you fuck. As long as nobody catches feelings, the shit is all good. I highly recommend it if you aren’t looking for love. And I’m not totally bashing one night stands either. They can be great too. If you’re single and they’re single and you look right and they look right and you both smell right…by all means. But if you signed up for monogamy, then sign the fuck up for it. Nothing in this world compares to the feeling of sex with someone you love. The passion, the emotion, the intensity behind it. That shit…that feeling…is what makes the world go round. You can’t get that with someone you just met. And never, in a million years, would I choose even the best one night stand over that.

Here’s the thing about game though. It does work. For a little while. Or maybe even a long time. But not forever. Eventually your bullshit comes to light. And any good woman is not gonna stick around once she sees your true, sorry-ass colors. So she leaves. She’s heartbroken. And if you have any soul at all, which you most likely do, now you kinda feel like a piece of shit. But the whole time you were playin her you were “the man,” right? But now what do you have to show for yourself? Maybe you have a list of girls you conquered, bitches you tapped. Cool. They don’t have no award for that.

I’m not saying all women who get played or cheated on are innocent little doe-eyed deer. Just grazing along and all of a sudden they get sucked in by your charm and that Good D, and next thing ya know they’re hit by your betrayal like a Mack truck and now their adorable furry little deer parts are scattered all over the road. Not so. Some girlfriends are TERRIBLE. I’m almost tempted to say some deserve to be cheated on but that doesn’t flow with my “honesty is the best policy” theory. And I truly do believe that. If more people were just honest from the beginning things would be a lot simpler. Everyone makes things harder than they need to be. Stop buying into this “you need to play the game” bullshit. Nobody ever wins. Nobody wants to be lied to, cheated on, mind fucked, or made to look like an idiot. That’s child’s play. And if you believe any of those things should be part of a relationship then you are not half the man you think you are. Lying is for cowards. If your girlfriend sucks and you hate her, DUMP HER. Stop whining about it, and messing with her head, and cheating on her. How does that solve the problem? So you still have a girlfriend that sucks and now you gotta remember all the things you lie to her about so you don’t mess the shit up. How do you people even have time for all that? If you have a girlfriend that doesn’t suck, don’t cheat on her. If you like a girl but aren’t ready to settle down with just one person, tell her that. It is actually that simple. And believe it or not, there are plenty of girls out there who would be down with a casual fling if you just put that on the table. Not every chick wants to cuff you. She’s not “wifey” material, but you wanna bone so you whisper some flowery shit in her ear and convince her you are worthy of love, right? But here’s the thing. YOU are not boyfriend material. Did that ever cross your mind? So maybe if you were just honest about who you are and what you’re looking for, she would have the same thought process as you, go for the bang, and be out. Sure, a lot of females are in search of the fairy tale. But don’t think for a second that we aren’t capable of sex without strings.

Author’s Note: This is not a bash on men. I love men. I wish it would rain men. This is a bash on liars and fuckboys. Also, I am well aware that some females are just as bad, if not worse. But that’s another story for another time.


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