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Seriously. It is. I have heard countless times from countless males that there are no “good girls” out there. Is that really the problem though? Is there a shortage of good girls? Or is it possible that maybe YOU are the issue? If you act like a filthy animal then you are going to attract filthy animals. There are plenty of good girls out there. But they can smell your bullshit from a mile away and they are steering the hell clear of it. Ain’t no boss bitch tryna roll around in your pig pen. You get back what you put out.

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More Adderall, please.

College in America is a tough subject. A friend of mine posted this article the other day and I found it really interesting. Hamilton Nolan of Gawker apparently believes that America needs FEWER college graduates and that college is actually just a big waste of time and money. That’s a pretty bold statement to make and caused quite a debate in the comments section of said article. It got me thinking about my own life and college experience and whether or not I’ve wasted my time and money (and my dad’s) on a piece of paper that I haven’t particularly used.


Photo by Joe Cingrana

Skrillex absolutely crippled Webster Hall on Friday, Feb 25th alongside Tommy Lee & DJ Aero and Porter Robinson. Thanks to resident DJ Alex English, I had the opportunity once again to shoot the madness right from the stage, right next to Sonny!! THIS. WAS. AMAZING!

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Nero @ Webster Hall, NYC

My lovely fiance Melissa and I had the pleasure of seeing the UK’s Nero at Girls & Boys at Webster Hall, NYC when they came through town on Friday, February 18th, 2011. Thanks to DJ Alex English, we were able to hang out right next to Nero as he tore the place apart, beat by beat!

Since my teeth were forcefully removed by Nero’s thunderous bass… if anyone finds them, please return them to me… preferably rinsed off.

Now check out the photos I got from up on stage!

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