Like a boss.

How does Motley Crue bassist and my personal hero, Nikki Sixx, say “fuck you” to Facebook? With nudity, of course.

On Wednesday night, Nikki posted half-naked Polaroids of himself and his girlfriend to his Facebook and Twitter pages in an attempt to piss off Zuckerberg & Co., who have been giving him shit for posting “inappropriate” images from his upcoming photography book on his personal Facebook page.

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Photo by Joe Cingrana

Skrillex absolutely crippled Webster Hall on Friday, Feb 25th alongside Tommy Lee & DJ Aero and Porter Robinson. Thanks to resident DJ Alex English, I had the opportunity once again to shoot the madness right from the stage, right next to Sonny!! THIS. WAS. AMAZING!

Check out the photos from the night right NOW!

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The only thing more rare than seeing a unicorn is seeing James Van Der Beek.

I’ll admit it. I love Ke$ha. She may be an overly produced white-trash Barbie that was assembled in a lab and pimped out by her creators as the “foul-mouthed, take-no-shit party girl” but I don’t care. Whatever they’re sellin, I’m buyin.

Every music video this chick creates looks like a better party than the last and anybody who says they don’t want to spend their life waking up feeling like P.Diddy, brushing their teeth with Jack, and floating through their days in a sea of glitter is a goddamn liar. That is the American Dream.

For her second single off Cannibal, “Blow,” my girl pulled out all the stops. Laser guns, tuxedo-ed unicorn people, and Dawson Leery. Ya know, that kid who lives on the lake.

No Mythological Creatures Were Harmed In The Making Of This Post

Do you love acronyms? Of course you do. Let me give you one that you’re going to want to write down and remember.


Get Ready To Tie One Off

Nero @ Webster Hall, NYC

My lovely fiance Melissa and I had the pleasure of seeing the UK’s Nero at Girls & Boys at Webster Hall, NYC when they came through town on Friday, February 18th, 2011. Thanks to DJ Alex English, we were able to hang out right next to Nero as he tore the place apart, beat by beat!

Since my teeth were forcefully removed by Nero’s thunderous bass… if anyone finds them, please return them to me… preferably rinsed off.

Now check out the photos I got from up on stage!

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The Foos Go Thrashy

Posted: February 17, 2011 by JD in Music
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As far as I’m concerned, Dave Grohl can do no wrong. If you’re gonna even try to argue that, get outta here. This post is not for you.

Over the weekend, Foo Fighters released the video for White Limo and announced the title and release date of their seventh studio album. Already pissing my pants in anticipation.

If Everything Could Ever Feel This Real Foreverrrrrr

Dear ADTR & Mumford: Please don’t sue me, I love you.

If you’re an A Day to Remember fan (and why the hell wouldn’t you be?) then you should be able to quickly recall the cover art for 2009’s Homesick. In one word – amazeballs.

Of course I had to Google the artist behind the art and came across the inspirational Mumford.

Become Obsessed With Mumford…