Like a boss.

How does Motley Crue bassist and my personal hero, Nikki Sixx, say “fuck you” to Facebook? With nudity, of course.

On Wednesday night, Nikki posted half-naked Polaroids of himself and his girlfriend to his Facebook and Twitter pages in an attempt to piss off Zuckerberg & Co., who have been giving him shit for posting “inappropriate” images from his upcoming photography book on his personal Facebook page.

Anyone who follows Sixx knows that he is an avid Facebooker and Tweeter. He’s constantly updating and regularly interacts with fans through his social networking sites so he’s acquired quite a loyal following. Over the past week or so, Sixx has been posting photos from his upcoming book, This Is Gonna Hurt, as a preview for fans. The book features portraits that Sixx shot himself of various people who some would probably consider “misfits.” Amputees, transgenders…etc, etc. Sixx first posted a photo of a woman’s nude breasts. He was contacted by Facebook and told he had violated the site’s community standards and if he continued to post, his account would be deleted. Later, Sixx posted the picture on Twitter, and revealed that the female breasts actually belong to a man. A transgender man in the process of turning into a woman.

Next, he posted the cover art for the new Sixx A.M. single, Lies of The Beautiful People, which features a model whose face has practically melted off on one side. No nudity this time. Again, Facebook removed the photo. When Sixx posted about the incident, tens of thousands of fans changed their profile pictures to the controversial cover art in support. (Currently, his default picture has been changed back to the cover art, so I guess the Sixx Army won this battle.)

In a recent interview, Nikki discussed the Facebook war, saying: “I decided to join Facebook. I uploaded a couple of my photos because, for me at the time, there wasn’t anywhere I could have a gallery and talk about that. The photos were deleted. And I was sent notices telling me not to do that again. So, of course, I did that again.” Nikki also stated his feelings about the Facebook “double standard.” He questions why teenagers are permitted to post skanky (my word, not his) semi-pornographic photos of themselves on their profiles, but Facebook removes art that is spreading the positive message of loving yourself, no matter what you look like. And that’s a damn good question.

Sixx is trying to push the idea that there is beauty everywhere and in everything and maybe we all need to just stop for a second and appreciate it. Maybe imperfections, flaws, scars, deformities, and differences don’t have to equate to being “ugly” or a “freak.” Maybe the beauty is in the fact that these people dug through the trenches, overcame difficulty and tragedy, and came out the other side stronger than ever. One of the subjects of Sixx’s book, Amy Purdy, is a survivor of Viral Meningitis and lost both her legs when she was very young. She now teaches soldiers, who are dealing with some form of amputation, how to press forward and continue living their lives. If she’s not a captivating and stunning woman, I don’t know who is. See for yourself.

Maybe Sixx’s photography is a little disturbing…but it’s real. And there is certainly something very beautiful about that.

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  1. me1an says:

    I wish I would have know about this and I would have joined in with other fans. Although, I do have the album’s cover art as my profile pick. I have seen way worse pictures from some of the teenagers, may I mention under age, on all of the social network sites. Even some adults have worse pictures than what Nikki is posting.

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