The Foos Go Thrashy

Posted: February 17, 2011 by JD in Music
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As far as I’m concerned, Dave Grohl can do no wrong. If you’re gonna even try to argue that, get outta here. This post is not for you.

Over the weekend, Foo Fighters released the video for White Limo and announced the title and release date of their seventh studio album. Already pissing my pants in anticipation.

The first official single, Rope, drops March 1st and the album, Wasting Light, comes out April 12th. So, I guess the video for White Limo is sorta like a coming attraction?

White Limo is a blistering, thrash-heavy, super-metal monster and easily one of the most aggressive tracks Foo Fighters have ever released. The video focuses on the band piling into the back of a white limo (driven by Motorhead‘s Lemmy) for a little joyride. And isn’t it lovely to see ex-Germ Pat Smear, who recently officially re-joined FF, back in action?

Side-note: Did anyone see What We Do Is Secret? D-lister Shane West plays a surprisingly convincing Darby Crash. He even went on to play a few reunion shows with the remaining Germs members. Well played, sir.

I really hope there’s a tour in the works for this album. I’d die to see them at MSG again. Last time I saw them, in 2008, I was so close that every time Grohl flipped his hair I got sweat droplets on my face.

Nothin makes my night like a rockstar sweating on me.


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