Never Say Never Or: How I Learned To Stop Hating and Love Justin Bieber

Posted: February 16, 2011 by Joey in Celebrity, Movies, Music
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Justin Bieber

Picture if you will…

My cousin Alexis’ 14th birthday was on February 11th – THE EXACT DAY that teen sensation and owner of the best hair in the free world, Justin Bieber‘s 3D movie Never Say Never comes out in theaters – galaxy-wide.

But who scored advanced screening passes to catch the flick a week in advance? Alexis’ favorite cousin, that’s who!

This is the story of February 2nd, 2011 – the best day of my (cousin’s) life!

I started off this mission by asking around for advanced screening passes to Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never. And I got them! You’d be surprised what you can get by just asking for it. Who knew? What you wouldn’t be surprised by, however, are the looks I got as a 33-year-old man asking for Justin Bieber anything!

Oh, by the way… it was mentioned to me that Justin himself would be in attendance! O.M.B.

But I digress…

I got the passes. Step one complete.

Step two involved some social networking. I hopped on the Facebooks and posted on Alexis’ wall: “My friend Justin Bieber wants to know if you want to see Never Say Never, WITH HIM, before it comes out. No joke. Let me know.”

I’m pretty sure she exploded at that point. The answer was a definite YES.

So, when the day came, she got a ride into the city and we made our way uptown to the Regal E-Walk (which I thought was run by the fuzzy monkeys from Star Wars, but alas, no!). We got right in and were able to watch as stars like Jay Sean and Stephen Baldwin walked the red carpet. Pretty sweet bonus, right?

I figured we were done at that point. We’re in, we’ll see the movie, Justin will say some sweet nothings to his crazed fans and we got to see some extra stars.


We took our seats in the theater, all tickets had seat numbers, so there was no way to get up front to see the Biebz up close. Interestingly enough, we were seated right behind Justin’s DJ, DJ Tay James, who was really outgoing, happy to be there and happy to talk with Justin’s fans.

Only Justin’s fans couldn’t care less about Tay James. It’s ok, Tay.

Then up and coming star Diggy Simmons (Run from RUN DMC’s kid) sat behind us. Things were starting to look up. We’re in it, and Alexis is eating it up.

After Justin and his manager, Scooter Braun, spoke to the crowd for about a half hour (mostly telling the maniac fans to sit down or the movie wouldn’t start) we were finally treated to Justin Bieber’s Opus. And it was fantastic. But that’s beside the point.

Here’s the clincher…

About halfway through the movie, guess who came to sit with Diggy? No, not Steven Baldwin… JUSTIN MF’n BIEBER! I shit you not, he was kicking the back of my cousin Alexis’ chair for the rest of the movie.

Suffice to say, she went absolutely apeshit; squeezing my arm (it went numb), texting her friends and just all around acting like a 14-year-old girl sitting in a movie theater directly in front of Justin Bieber.


At the end of the flick, after everyone was dancing in the aisles to Justin’s hit “Baby”, he decided that it was time to leave. I guess Alexis had to sieze the moment; she turned around and said, right to Justin’s face “Oh My God… Justin Bieber! I Love You!”

What does he do? And you know he’s been practicing this in the mirror… He turns to Alexis, looks her right in the eyes, shakes his hair and says, “Hey, I Love You Too.”

She melted back into her seat, sent about 3000 texts – and then we went home.

Cousin Joey is the HERO OF THE DAY!

I hope this is the last Justin Bieber story to ever hit this website.


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